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KRISAKI vehicles covers a wide range to satisfy various demands with the objective of high performance passenger comfort technology and safety. We provide 100 % safety assurance .

Our aim is to build a distribution system that reflects the quality of out products supports and we have developed comprehensive support across all area of operation.

      Unbeatable after sales support is guaranteed to our dealer partners on a mutual co-operation basis .

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KRISAKIupholds the brand concept of “specialisation”, focuses on motor vehicle  development and aspires to be a worldwide top motor vehicle  expert brand.

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KRISAKI is one of the fast growing business in Europe and Asia and the  brand "KRISAKI" originated in Great Britain intended to establish the brand across the world with dealer networks and service centres round the world .The name “KRISAKI “ derived  from a Japanese word  meaning “Glamorous Hero “ .

KRISAKI is one of the the international  high and new technology enterprise and the industrial enterprise of ten billion GBP projected. Aiming to be the highly reputable enterprise in its industry, KRISAKI  is devoted to professional management of new thermo-power products, providing general-purposed engines, All-Terrain Vehicles, motorcycles and positioning in the middle and high end markets in North America and Europe, etc.


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Safety & Comfort

Our vehicles are designed for the ultimate comfort of the riders and Our vehicles  satisfy National and International  safety and quality standards.

Reasonable height, manageable weight, comfortable seating position are the main features of our vehicles

Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts available in all our dealer show rooms at the standard price. All service /repairs billing are made easy online hence company can monitor activities of each and every dealer .

We sell complete vehicles with all standard accessories .Customers do not have to pay any extra charge to our dealers for accessories as it all included in vehicle price.

True value for money

Test drive facilities are available in dealer show rooms

Test Drive Facility

                Quality and Reliability

We operate in accordance with the established quality standards and Endeavour to provide the best after sales services to our customers. We are very proud of our reputation on reliable quality.

We are committed at all levels to achieve highest quality, particularly in our products and services which will meet and exceed customer's growing aspirations through: