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Dealership FAQ

1. How much deposit is to be paid to the company?

Ans. KRISAKI MOTORS does not take any deposit from the dealer.

2. How many days’ credit is given for vehicle stock by the company?

Ans.KRISAKI MOTORS will send the vehicle only on advance payment. Credit is not given by the company.50% at the time of placing order and Balance to be paid before we send the vehicle .We must receive full payment before we send vehicle to dealer.

3. What is the dealer’s order policy? Will the company supply vehicles without order?

Ans. Company will supply vehicles as per dealer’s order only.

4. What is the period of dealership agreement with the company?

Ans.Dealership agreement with the company is renewable after every three years.

5. What will be the area of operations for the dealership?

Ans. Distinct area of operation will be given to the dealership for sales and service related activities. This is called as command area. Cross selling in other dealer’s area is not allowed.



Investment and Returns


    Working capital from bank or own funds:

i. Indicated monthly sale potential x Rs.80,000. For example, if the indicated monthly sale potential is 50 vehicles per month, then the working capital required will be 50 X Rs.80,000 = Rs.40 Lakhs + Spare Parts

6.What is the investment required to start new dealership?

Ans. 50 lakhs to 2 crore

a. Other than land and building, dealer will be required to invest as per the following details :

i. Interior (showroom & workshop equipments) – Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs.25 Lakhs

ii. Vehicle stock – Equivalent to one month’s sale

iii. Spare parts – Rs.10 Lakhs to Rs.12 Lakhs

What is the return on investment for Main dealership?

Ans. Return on investment for KRISAKI MOTORS dealership is estimated in the range of 22% to 24 % per annum (Vehicle Sales, Workshop revenue & Spare Parts)

Is there any minimum monthly purchase required

Yes there will monthly  minimum purchase as well as target will be given  given time to time

Support from company


8. What support will be given by the company to new dealership?


a. Company will provide all layouts, drawings and interior designs for showroom and workshop which will be as per KRISAKI MOTORS dealership  procedures.

b. Company will provide manpower training to main dealerships


i. Training will be provided to workshop technical staff.

ii. Training to the sales team will be provided on product features specification  

Work shop requirements

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